About Us

Who we are…

ChatDynamo is a digital marketing agency specializing in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, lead generation, and chatbot advertising based in New York City. With our Facebook and Google Ads expertise, we strive to find innovative ways for businesses to engage with their digital audience.

What we do…

  • Develop 90-day KPI plan to identify, reach and exceed your expectations

  • Implement various marketing strategies for lead generation (conversational marketing, SEO marketing)

  • Create, execute, and analyze performance of various advertising strategies (click-to-messenger campaigns, drip/nurture campaigns, retargeting campaigns)

  • Build, automate and analyze text/voice chatbots as conversational marketing tools

  • Drive discovery, engagement, monetization, and overall success of your chatbot

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Top NYC Startups You Should Know About in 2018

Top NYC Startups You Should Know About in 2018

ChatDynamo thinks and engages with our business holistically while also bringing deep analytical and execution capabilities to our digital advertising strategy.
— Richard Bennett, CEO, Epicured

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